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 Canaccord Genuity Corp.

Our Core Principles



Before investing, ensure that you have clear, attainable and realistic goals for your money. Investing money in the markets without goals is gambling. We make sure that you have a financial plan done before investing dollar one.



Build a portfolio that best meets your risk level and objectives, taking into account the different life goals you're looking to fund. Diversify but don’t diworsify: only add an investment to your portfolio if it effectively diversifies your portfolio.



We try to keep costs at a minimum without sacrificing quality, choosing active management only where it has proven to consistently add value. Even then, stick with fund companies whose own goals are aligned with our clients, who have proven to minimize fees and work toward lowering them in the future.



Maintain a long-term perspective and remember your goals and strategy. Don’t be greedy, chasing investment fads, hot stocks, or “stories”. Don’t fall for the fear-propagation of media or talking heads on TV. Review your investments (and your goals) regularly. Rebalance.



"Permanent loss in a well diversified equity portfolio is always a human achievement, of which the market itself is incapable." – Nick Murray



What Sets Muhs Wealth Partners and Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management Apart?



We are independent of any major financial institutions and not beholden to selling any particular brand of product. 


We put our clients first 

Our revenue is entirely dependent on long-term client relationships, it depends on retaining you as a client and growing your assets. It's not enough to sell you "suitable" investments; we want to ensure you understand what you're investing in and that it is truly in your best interest.



We're focused on helping you meet your financial goals and growing your investments - not finding opportunities to cross-sell you a credit card, or how to pitch you on a new penny stock.


To us there are no foreign marketsTM

We bring the best ideas from our operations around the world to our clients in Canada, from market research to unique wealth strategies.


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