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Let me know if you have any questions not answered on this website, if you want to schedule a consultation, even if you just have some random personal finance question; I'll try to answer it for you! If you want me to call or text you, please provide your phone number and any other instructions such as what time is best or if you hate voicemails. This text box is totally free form and has no character limit, so have away at it!

Markus Muhs, CFP®, CIM®

Investment Advisor
Portfolio Manager

As an Investment Advisor, I am able to service clients in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec. If you live outside of these jurisdictions, please find an advisor at a CGWM office nearest you.

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Book a 30 minute Zoom meeting below. There's no cost for this, no sales pitches.

  • Your top personal finance and investing questions answered.
  • Help navigating the Canadian banking and advice industry.

I'll give you the details of my two fee-based advice models:

  • Fee as a percentage of assets: for those with more than $300,000 investable assets
  • Fee for service: starts at $3000 

If you would like to start the process of becoming a client, I'll put it all on paper, by way of a Financial Planning Agreement.


You will be set up with an account on the Naviplan Client Portal to begin your financial planning journey.


Note: at no point after an initial Zoom meeting will you receive nagging phone calls, urging you to become a client. Follow up is entirely on you. Full service financial advice, and the costs involved, might not be for everyone, or you just might not be ready yet, but if you want to stay in touch anyway, and receive free financial advice twice monthly in your in-box, subscribe to my newsletter at the bottom of the page.

If you're camera-shy, or struggle with technology, or just don't like Zoom, use the contact form below and I'll generally respond to your inquiry within a few days.


Office Address

Manulife Place #570 10180 - 101 St
Edmonton, ALBERTA
T5J 3S4 Canada

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