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Per the above infographic, our overall fees are double to triple what you would pay a Robo Advisor. We don't compete with discount brokers or robots and aim to provide far more service than you derive from them, and real personalized advice.
Too many Canadians are paying extraordinarily high fees through their mutual funds at banks and other mutual fund dealers and to them we offer salvation: transfer your mutual fund portfolio of over $300,000 to our discretionary managed portfolios and you will get significantly more value, including comprehensive personalized financial planning, at a slightly lower overall cost.

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Start With a Plan


Every client of Muhs Wealth Partners receives comprehensive financial planning first and foremost. 


Check out our Financial Planning page for more info on our overall process

Professional, Evidence-Based Discretionary Portfolio Management


You work hard for your money... why pay a considerable fraction of your wealth over the long term to banks or mutual fund dealers for the privilege of having them sell you their own high-cost products?


Not only do our highly competitive fees cover the active management of a truly purpose-built portfolio backed by historical evidence and academic research, but the fees also cover all financial planning services. Check out our Portfolio Management section for more info.

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