Evidence Based Tactical Portfolio Management

The MWP Elementum Growth Portfolio is a balanced growth portfolio managed on a discretionary basis for our clients. "Elementum" is the Latin word for "factor". In addition to balancing the mix between stocks and income, we regularly ensure investment factors such as size (large capitalization stocks to small and mid cap) and style (value vs growth) are kept in balance. Utilizing mostly Exchange Traded Funds, we are able to provide a very cost-efficient portfolio while still leaving the door open to some active strategies and individual stock holdings.


Each sleeve rebalanced quarterly, only the Tactical Sleeve has the ability to shift overall portfolio composition.
Underlying weighted average product MER of between 0.30% to 0.50%.
Account minimum: $100,000
Our Fees

Overall Asset Allocation

60-70% stocks. Neutral: 65%

20% Bond Sleeve

A low-cost aggregate bond ETF.

10% Canadian Equity Sleeve

A low-cost factor-based ETF holding dividend growers of all sizes.

25% U.S. Equity Sleeve

U.S. listed index ETFs and an actively managed small cap mutual fund.

25% International Equity Sleeve

Split one-third EAFE index ETF, two-thirds into two actively managed funds.

20% Tactical Sleeve

Up to one-quarter individual high-conviction stock holdings, up to half equities, remainder income investments and cash.

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