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The MWP Elementum Portfolios utilize primarily low-cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), following time-tested strategies backed by academic research. "Elementum" is the Latin word for "factor". In addition to balancing the mix between stocks and income, we regularly ensure investment factors such as size (large capitalization stocks to small and mid cap) and style (value vs growth) are kept in balance. 

MWP Elementum Growth

Overall Asset Allocation

60-70% stocks. Neutral: 65%


Suitable for investors able to tolerate moderate volatility, with at least a 10 year time horizon before most of their investments are needed.


Performance (Inception: May 1, 2019)

MWP Elementum GlobalEx

Overall Asset Allocation

70-100% stocks. Neutral: 90%


Suitable for long-term (>20 year) time horizons for investors able to accept a very high degree of volatility in their investments.


Performance (Inception: Oct 1, 2019)

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